Next to the chalices of Saint Christopher, Alessio Orrù offers a contemporary version of the liturgical object and its symbolism. He borrows from Christian codes, the shape of the drinking cup, the contrasting and vivid colors of Gothic stained glass, the application of gold to express immortality and the immutable character of the divine.To the opacity and monochrome of the metal chalices, it opposes the transparency and the fragility of the glass.This spiky cup works like an oxymoron. It creates a whole game of contrasts. Taste and touch are here put at a distance, making content and container sacred. Photo credit: Pascal TaffinMaster Glassmakers: Jean-Baptiste Pinel and Emmy Lagobe
AlessioOrrù - Intrecci crédit photo CharlotteLanselle
Alessio Orrù - Amor - crédit photo PascalTaffin, feather, red color, delicacy, lightness,