DERIVARE questions the concept of “journey” by linking the socio-political process of displacement/movement and that of sculptural creation.
Society is sculpted by the displacements and movements of the individuals who constitute it. These continuous displacements are subject to currents which are not defined movements but are distinguished by the directions they take. In addition, they also cause/ entail consequences which collide and/or have repercussions. This creates real shapes in space. As a sculptor, I maintain a relatively close link with matter. I therefore like to compare these movements to dark circles, concentric rings
tree trunks, they testify to the growth and extension of its core or even to the pebble that is thrown into the water. The origin of displacement/movement starts from the center and then waves outward as the direct sculpting process finds its volume within the mass. The movement is therefore reversed. While we would need lightness, for DERIVARE, I paradoxically respond to the concept of travel and movement with a complex and physical creative process such as stone sculpture, with a heavy, imposing and static material: white Carrara marble. The stone does not carry any superfluous, it does not need any other element to identify itself. she is self-sufficient. It preserves inside its structure its historical memory, witness of the past, of its place of origin, footprints, scars, cracks… it participates in life and time in a silent, constant mode, with a discreet presence sometimes bathed by the sea / the river which brings out its structure or baked and burned by the sun…